Augmented Reality Concept


Concept One

Heres a few sneaky snaps of my first concept video in process, this will be a stop motion shot video to sell my idea; The Augmented Creative Portfolio.

I have another concept video animation under wraps which is currently being rotoscoped. Images will follow soon…

I’ve chosen this method to create this first concept for the fact that it looks really arty and creative and is fairly easy to add effects and random pop ups.


Watch this space!

The Panasonic Experience

Thought I’d start a mini diary of my time so far working at Panasonic, just really about what I’m currently working on, and any other exciting news 🙂

Well…where to start, its been 3 weeks now and I’m thoroughly enjoying my position as product marketing officer….not really sure what the title means but it sounds  very swish :), what my position involves really is being there for anything that needs designing and where I can utilizse my skills in the adobe software suite (photoshop, illustrator, flash). This ranges from designing magazine spreads, posters to flash movie for Panasonic products, mainly telecommunication systems.

My last brief involved designing new internet banners for their eco scrappage scheme website, the fact that Panasonic has used my designs in their websites, brochures, posters etc gives me a real high, its satisfying seeing your work printed in gloss 🙂

More to come sooon….

Precious Work Experience

YES! all my hard work applying for interships and work placements has finally prevailed and I’m now working as a ‘Product Marketing Officer’ (thats gotta sound good on a business card) for Panasonic Communications. With this and Uni work I’m going to be incredibusy, but will get the chance now and then to update a little about my final major project which I’m about 50% of the way completing thank buck 🙂

Super Sweet Augmented Reality Magazine by Boffswana

Another amazing concept for an augmented reality magazine/book. I can see the very outcome of my final idea.

Cheers to Adam Jones for finding this beauty! 🙂

Augmented Reality Flashmob in Amsterdam Looking Pretty Insane

Armed with either an iPhone or Android, hundreds of Amsterdam residents are expected to converge on Dam Square tomorrow at 2pm for the first ever augmented reality flashmob. Darth Vader, Superman and various other characters will be making super-special appearances.

It sounds like a lot of fun for anyone who can get over to Amsterdam, with QR codes needed to be downloaded to phones for whichever 3D model takes their fancy from the site—or, they can create their own thanks to the AndAR app available for Android phones. An app such as Layar will be needed to activate the augmented reality view, and then with the AR tags on the ground Darth Vader could soon be standing next to the lucky flashmobber.  ‘Gizmodo’

Check out the Website Here

Magazine of the Future

Really love this magazine concept by esquire; Augmented Reality in Magazines, a concept very similar to what I’m trying to achieve in my next project.